About Me

Bringing children super happiness, awesome adventure and endless smiles for over Twenty Years and counting. My name is Marc Schack and I am 40 years old. I have been entertaining and making children happy since age 16. I started performing in 1992 at a place called “Once Upon A Birthday” (Johnny Depp aka Jack Sparrow was still in 21 Jump Street at the time). At “Once Upon a Birthday” I would dress up as a pirate and perform magic and tell stories to children of all ages. After three years the company moved away and I stayed, thus Pirate Magic was born! During the school year I teach children with special needs functional life skills. I have been working with special needs children for over 16 years. With my many years of experience, I can easily entertain children with disabilities and accommodate parties with special requests. I also worked in a daycare with school age children (K-5) from 1992-2006. I have my BS in Child Psychology, so I can even make the most shy child come out of their shell! The greatest thing about my show, other than super happy children, is that I will teach the children important life lessons including Fire Safety (depends on age of children), who to call in case of an emergency, ladies first, simple Chinese and Sign language skills as well as the importance of saying please and thank you. All these lessons are incorporated during the course of my show in a super fun and non-lecturing way. For 20+ years I have been entertaining and educating children. I use those Twenty Years of knowledge and apply it to my routine, thus your children and guests are guaranteed to have an awesome time! I love what I do and it will show!!! Most important I value you and your family! I will treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect!! No child will ever be asked to leave my show! If you are looking for top quality entertainment for kids of all ages, then I am the entertainer for you.I promise that your children will be happy and entertained or you don’t pay! Since I might be meeting your family, please feel free to meet mine (see below) from left to right (Dad, Sister, Brother, Me, Grandma and Mom) my-family

I love you, family!!

Call Marc Schack aka Captain Silly Bones 240-401-7414