I can entertain children of all ages and genders and adapt my show to any theme you have planned from Disneys Moana to Paw Patrol, Pokemon to Avengers or any other theme you can think of.    Keep reading below to see full pricing disclosure, what is included in my show, happiness guarantee, and coupon link!   Click Here for my Yelp reviews and Call or text me for more info!  Captain Silly Bones 240-401-7414 

Happiness 100% Guaranteed, or you don’t pay!!!!!

 What you will get for your money!

 Keep reading below for full expanded details on each activity! Book before April 1st and take $100.00 off.
Unlimited Tattoos (over 500 choices) 
Broadway Style Story Telling
Super Funny Comedy Routine 
Fully interactive 5-star magic show
Freeze Dance or Limbo
Treasure Hunt
Goodie Bags
DJ Games, Music and Prizes!
It all starts with:

(1st) TATTOOS WITH MUSIC: Songs like Let It Go, What Does The Fox Say, I Like To Move It Move It, Everything is Awesome from the Lego movie and many others; it is very structured, fun and contained to one room!

I have a wonderful variety of tattoos, over 500 different choices, from Monster Trucks to Race Cars, Pirates to Dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Sponge Bob, All The Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, Spider-Man and many more!

The great thing about my tattoos, that you don’t get with balloon twisters or face painters, is the children will not have to wait in line at all because they can apply them on their own! Not only are they super fun, but more than two dozen children can do them all at once! Even the youngest of siblings can get in on the fun. It also makes for some great bonding with your kids, because they can give you tattoos and vice-versa. And that’s just the filler activity! When all the guests arrive, the true adventure begins! 
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After the tattoos come Broadway Style Storytelling. The storytelling is truly awesome and acted out by me. The story adapts to the age group and gender of the birthday child.   Even the parents will be entranced and entertained by my storytelling skills!

(3rd) COMEDY ROUTINE (Magic Treasure)

After the awesome storytelling, the children and I will search for a treasure chest (a stationary comedy routine) which contains a magic gold coin, the pirates’ treasure, which is an exact replica of a Spanish doubloon! And for the princess or mermaid, it’s a beautiful ring! They will learn about these magical treasures during the story. The magic treasure is the “Magic Wand” and your child will use it to do all the magic. Wait until you see their face when I let them keep it! A picture perfect moment!


The birthday child will then use his or her magical treasure to make the gifts appear from nowhere right in front of their friends! The first of many gifts will guarantee that every child gets to participate in the magic show! And I do mean every child! The birthday boy or girl will be the most popular kid in class. I promise they will cheer your kid’s name! (During the course of the magic show, the children will magically interact and talk to their favorite characters including Anna & Elsa, Tinkerbell, Sponge Bob, Spider-Man, Superman, Doc McStuffins or any others as well as get magical presents from them. You have to see it to believe it! It’s a  completely unique experience)!  The magic will end with a heart-stopping finale! I won’t say anything more: Dads always make great volunteers. There will also be cool surprises during the course of the magic show including Magic Powers for every child, Black Beard’s Gold, Play Money, Vampire Teeth, and Kosher/ Allergy Free Dum Dum Lollipops. Remember, all the children get to participate and perform the magic, no one is left out, and each child is awarded gifts after each trick. Off Course, your child is still the star that makes it all possible. 


The Magic Show is followed by a super fun Freeze Dance contest where every child will win really cool prizes and no one will lose! It is also great exercise for the kids and will burn up any energy they have left! Ninja Limbo is also included, logistics and time permitting.


After the Limbo/ Freeze dance, there is the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt will top off the Goodie Bags for all the kids! They fill these goodie bags themselves. The treasure hunt includes toys like army men, Mine Craft gold and Gems, Five different types of Stickers, tattoos, toy snakes, glow in the dark crawly bugs, and so much more! (Toys may vary, but the kids will be thrilled with the assortment every time!) It will contain over 3 pounds of goodies!! Boy and Girl bags are also provided. They get to choose their type of bag,  2 different types of Pirate or 2 types of Princess.  No need to buy gender-specific bags yourself, I will provide them. The Birthday boy or girl will also get to choose a special goodie bag themed after some of their favorite charterers like Anna & Elsa, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Ariel and Friends, Monster High, My Little Pony, Sponge Bob, Superman, Batman, Mine Craft and more. Please note, the treasure hunt is very structured and contained in one room, the children will not be running around the house. It is the most awesome treasure hunt you will see, and not only will it teach the children patience, but also personal responsibility in a fun and non-lecturing way! Please ask and I will be glad to explain further.


Wait and see the children’s faces when I sing the birthday song in my Opera Voice. Also, there is really cool party music like “Can’t stop the feeling” from Trolls, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and many others to keep the kids entertained as they are eating. I will also send you an exact time breakdown to help with your planning!


In addition to all this, a few days after the party, the birthday child, and siblings (If Any) will receive special gifts in the mail with a personal letter addressed to the birthday child. The Thank You gifts are truly nice and It is my way of saying thanks for your business!

Prices, Prices, Prices!!!: Got a budget, see coupon link below or say “Hook me up Silly”!

$450.00 for up to 20 children, ($2.00 each additional child) includes everything above including unlimited tattoos and all the goodie bags. Also included is my Happiness Guarantee: I do not take a deposit or any payment till after the show, that way if you’re not happy, you don’t pay! Please Note,  this never happened once in my twenty plus years in business, so rest easy knowing you got the best! Click Here to see why my show is an awesome value!

Please read below for additional information, and for a money saving coupon link!


This is great for best friends, siblings, cousins, and so on!

Just $25.00 for each additional Birthday Child which includes an additional magic treasure (Coin or Ring), a modified story to include the additional magic treasure, and an Extra, Super Special, Boy or Girl Gift Bag.  There are many coupons available to save money, including adding a free additional birthday child or unlimited Guests.  Follow coupon link below or Click Here!

I do not rush out after any performance! I will be there to help you entertain the children and pose for pictures. I can even organize the children so we can take a group photo with all the kids, and those great memories for the birthday child will last forever. I will even help you out with a piñata or any other special activity you may have planned!

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FAQ (Answers to important questions you may have)!

*No video taping during the storytelling part only!

*I travel to you!

*I do not require a deposit; I will hold your slot in good faith, also this is how I guarantee your happiness if you’re not happy you don’t pay!!

*There will be a $75.00 charge on bounced checks.

*The ideal age range is ages 4 and up since they truly appreciate the theatrical aspect, magic, and energy of my show. Still, let me know if you have younger children since I can easily modify my show for them! I recommend if the children are 3 or younger, that you do something simple and not hire an entertainer of any kind, save your money! Do you remember your 3rd birthday? Click my Blog Link to see some awesome do it yourself and money saving ideas!

*Book early! At least 2 to 3 months in advance. I usually perform two shows a day to ensure each client receives the best, most energetic, and awesome performance possible! So schedule as early as possible so that your chances are better of getting the day and time you want. This also allows for me to not rush through my show, as well as gives me the opportunity to stay and help you get the children settled for cake, singing, and other party festivities that you may have planned. First come, first served! I hate turning people away so get me early, I lose a time slot on average every 72 hours!

*I don’t mind traveling, but there will be a $25.00 service charge for parties more than 40 miles from my home (wear, tear, and gas) and $1.50 for each additional mile! I will travel no more than 60 miles from my home at 18020 Chalet Dr, Germantown, MD 20874. MapQuest it to see if there will be a service fee.

Even so, I guarantee I’m worth every penny and more! No one can do what I can!

If I am booked on a day you want, I can easily send you a list of other trustworthy magicians and entertainers.