Summer Camp/Daycare


 Any program where you want children super happy, entertained and engaged! I also offer 100 percent Kosher Shows, Perfect for any Jewish event: Click Here For Details!

All Age Groups love my show from Three to Fifteen! I promise the kids will be so happy with my show, they want to see me every year.  I am that good and the best at what I do.  My show will teach the kids simple sign language like Please, Thank You and Colors! I will also teach the children simple Hebrew or Chinese as well as patience and personal responsibility in a fun and non-lecturing way. Happiness is always Guaranteed! My show is more fun and educational than any over priced Pirate Cruise, Cheesy Science Experiments or Silly Reptile show and costs way less too! I also carry my own insurance policy and can send you this info per your request! All the kids will also get very generous goodie bags full of awesome toys that they make from their magic powers.

All Shows Include


The adventure begins with temporary tattoos; I have over 400 different choices including Spider Man, all the Disney Princess and so much more. There is something for everyone. Each child gets a choice of two to take home.


After the tattoos, the children will be engaged in an theatrical story that will have them mesmerized the whole time, and in the end teach them the secret of Pirate Magic!

(The search for my treasure chest)

After the most exciting story ever performed, the children will witness the funniest stationary comedy routine ever seen.  During this routine, I look for my treasure chest in a bag full of funny things, like old socks etc…guaranteed to have any age child or adult laughing with delight.


After the comedy routine, the children will be engaged in the greatest magic adventure they will ever see.  It will teach them Fire Safety (depending on age), the importance of saying Please and Thank You, Who to call in case of an emergency, Ladies First, Simple Chinese Words or Hebrew, Simple Sign Language as well as Personal Responsibility , all presented in a fun and non lecturing way.
The kids will do all the magic and everyone participates, no one is left out.  To make it even better, the children will receive awesome gifts from each magic trick they do (Positive Reinforcement) up to five giveaways there alone Including (Magic Rings, Kazoos/Lip Whistles or play gold: depending on age), Play Money, Stickers and Kosher and allergy free Dum-Dum Lollipops!

Goodie bags will also be provided for the kids to take home their newly obtained treasure. That’s right, goodie bags for every child! Remember each child will not only get a goodie bag full of their prizes including their Magic Powers; They will also take home their newly learned ethical, practical and moral lessons as well as their new language skills…  


After the magic routine the children will participate in freeze Dance (no one gets left out) which will promote exercise and listening skills. Very Generous Prizes will be awarded to each and every child as well ( little coloring or game books, or other gifts). All the children will be beyond happy, guaranteed! Click  “Dancing Fun” or “Money” videos to see an example of the fun I provide!

My show is a good forty five to an hour and ten minutes (Depending on number of kids and age groups) and I guarantee all the children will be happy and have the time of there lives or you won’t pay…that is a promise! 

The costs for this amazing adventure is only:

  • $375.00 for 0- 40 children
  • $400.00 for  40-60 children
  • $425.00 for 60-80 children
  • $450.00 for 80-100 children
  • More than 100 kids, it is $2.00 extra per child!
    If you book more than one show, for different centers, the price drops by $20.00. So book five shows, take $100.00 off of each show! One camp paid as low as $200.00 per show, saving them thousands of dollars! I now also accept Credit Cards for a $5.00 surcharge…

    Also Included is a totally Free Educational Show for the two year old’s separate from the older kids. They learn Prepositions, like On, In, Behind, Over, Under and also included is Stickers, Play Money and other cool gifts. I also do the Hokey Pokey and freeze dance with them. Remember it is totally free, don’t spend $100 plus dollars on the little ones with some lame entertainment, i include them free in all my performances. Their show is 30 minutes of pure fun…

I have more than 22 years experience and have awesome references from other Summer Camp/Day Care providers I have performed for in the past. If interested, here is my contact info, feel free to call or write anytime day or night.

 Remember each child will not only get a goodie bag full of their prizes including their Magic Powers; They will also take home their newly learned ethical, practical and moral lessons as well as their new language skills…  

No other show will give your children an adventure like mine, no one! Your children will be happy,  engaged and educated no matter their age, even the school agers and young teens will have a blast!