Totally Awesome Tattoos

Perfect for any Venue where kids Are Present! There is also cool close up magic performed by the children as they get their tattoos.  Each trick the kids do, they get prizes. Balloon and Facepainters can’t come close to the fun I provide. So you get Magic and Tattoos complete with prizes for every child and for way less than a normal Face Painter or Balloon Maker! See below for full details. Remember, there are never any lines, so kids are never bored.

Tattoos for Kids Birthday Parties

I have a wonderful variety of tattoos, over 500 different choices, from Monster Trucks to Race Cars, Pirates to Dinosaurs, Justice League to Sponge Bob, All The Disney Princesses, and much more!

The great thing about tattoos, unlike balloon animals or face painting, the children will not have to wait in line. They will be permanently engaged from the start and they choose what they want! Click here for an example!

Also Included is really cool music (See Below) as well as little giveaways from the magic tricks (May Vary) like eye patches, play gold and stickers. Kosher and Allergy Free Dum Dum Lollipops are also included at no extra charge!  No clowns or face painters can provide more fun then Totally Awsome Tattoos, Guaranteed!


There are No Lines, so kids are not bored waiting for their turn!


  • $150.00 for 30 minutes
  • $250.00 for 60 minutes (Save $50.00)
  • $350.00 for 90 minutes (Save $100.00)
  • $400.00 for 120 minutes (Save $200.00)

Totally Awesome Tattoo (Dance Parties)

A 45-60 Minute Super Duper, Totally Awesome Adventure Including 15 to 30 minutes of Tattoos (Depends on Guest Arrival Time, so no one misses tattoos),  and 30 minutes of dancing fun to songs like Let it go, Moana, The Happy Song and I like to Move it move it as well as many others (Complete with Cool Prizes)

Total Cost Only $300.00!!! (WOW)

(Prices good for up to 30 children, Add $3.00 for each additional child)
Can Be structured for Girl or Boy Parties!

Cool Music provided the whole time I or one of my professional associates are there (Girl Pirate or Mermaid Available).

The Best Part is that the children do not have to wait in line and they can choose from over 500 different tattoos. 

The children will have super fun for less money than a face painter or clown, GUARANTEED!!!!