Useful do it yourself party ideas! Save Hundredreds!

Short is sweet, keep parties to an hour tops, if having no professional vendors there,  that is plenty of time for the birthday child to enjoy friends etc. If you want to have a longer party to mingle with your grown-up friends and need to keep the kids busy, then include all the ideas below. You can do an art activity, plenty of websites offer art and crafts kits for specific party themes. The link below is a good one, no minimum to buy. Follow this up with some freeze dance. Simply play your favorite tunes and have the kids dance, then pause the music and the kids freeze. (Important, never ever get any child out)! Limbo is also easy, just use a broomstick or cut some bamboo. Download the Limbo song, they have three different fun versions.  Have the kids go under anyway they want, even crawling on their bellies, it is more fun than the traditional version and no kids get out. Limbo and freeze dance will fill a half hour easily. Add present opening and food and cake and you got almost an hour. The total cost for you would be $60.00 to $100.00 tops, including goodie bags. You can also have a movie and pizza party, cheap and fun, plus it is a good way to show off your cool entertainment system.  Here is a great template for planning a pizza and movie party!
11-11:30 Filler Activity (allows all guests a chance to arrive before the movie,  just Click Here to go to the best deal site for filler/art activities.  
11:30-1:15 Movie 
1:15-1:45 Pizza/Food/Cake (Ask for a special, most Pizza Places want your business, so just ask and they will hook you up)
1:45-2:00 Presents (I do not recommend this though, its better when the kids leave and then open presents, not only will your child appreciate the gifts some more, but you can write down names for thank you cards.!)
With the money you will save, you can easily use the difference and put it in your child’s college fund or buy a savings bond for him/her. 
Keep posted for more ideas, visit my blog regularly, I will try to post something new every two weeks…also feel free to share these posts with your friends, simply cut the link in URL window above and paste in Facebook, Twitter etc…

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