Blue and Gold

All 45 – 60minute shows include:

Theatrical Story Telling

The children will be engaged in an age-appropriate story that will have them intrigued and awestruck. It will also teach them the secret of Pirate Magic! Plus as a former Eagle Scout, the kids will have a blast watching me recite the Scout Pledge.

Comedy Routine (The search for my treasure chest)

After the most exciting story: The children will witness the funniest stationary comedy routine ever where I look for my treasure chest in a bag full of funny things like old socks, etc… guaranteed to have them laughing with delight.

Fully Interactive Educational Magic Show

After the comedy routine, the children will learn Fire Safety, Please and Thank you, who to call in case of an emergency and ladies first. The kids will do all the magic and everyone participates, no one is left out. To make it even better, the children will receive awesome gifts form each magic trick they do. Up to five giveaways there alone Including (Magic Rings, Kazoos or play gold: depending on age, Play Money, Stickers and Lollipops). Goodie bags will also be provided for the kids to take home their newly obtained treasure. The magic show will also teach the children simple sign language, fire safety lesson, good ethical and moral practices including please and thank you, as well as Proper grammar such as “May I” instead of “Can I”!

Freeze Dance

Time depending, after the magic routine the children will participate in freeze Dance (no one gets “out”) which will be sure to burn up any energy left in them before I go. Prizes will be awarded to each child as well.

My show is a good 45 minutes to an hour (depends on your time schedule) and I guarantee all the children will be happy and have the time of there lives or you won’t pay, each child will also take a goodie bag home full of awesome prizes and gifts.


The total cost for this amazing adventure is only:

  • $325.00 for up to 30 children
  • $350.00 for 30-50 children
  • $375.00 for 50-70 children
  • $400.00 for 70-100 children
  • More than 100 kids, it is $2.00 extra per child!

I can also help you out if you have a budget you cannot go over, just ask.

I have more than 19 years of experience. If interested, here is my contact info, feel free to call or write anytime day or night. I was also an Eagle Scout, so I am familiar with the politics of a Blue and Gold and can even say the Scout Pledge for the kids.

Contact Captain Silly Bones of Pirate Magic today!
240 401 7414