Camp & Daycare Magic Shows

Now offering non pirate themed educational performances!

My super fun, high energy and extremely bountiful show includes so much for so little. All the kids will get very nice goodie bags which contain an assortment of: Stickers, Play Money, Play Gold, Coloring Books, Magic Rings and so much more. The kids will also get Kosher/Allergy free Dum-Dum Lollipops as well as your staff. The children will learn sign language through the course of the show and then use their newly found sign language skills to do all the magic. Best of all, every child participates and no one is left out. No need for volunteers. The children will also receive gifts after every magic trick they perform, thus they will be glued to their seats for the course of the show. I will also teach the children math, money, counting skills as well as an anti bullying campaign and simple Chinese language skills. The children will also learn about personal responsibility. All these lessons are taught in a super fun and non lecturing way. Also included is a full out dance party (staff included) to promote exercise, fitness and listening skills.

Also included with every regular show is a totally free 30 minute performance for the two year old’s at no additional cost. It is totally free. Their show includes instruments they can play along to with the music I provide. The show will also include simple magic tricks with age appropriate giveaways for every child. Also included is super fun dancing games and a puppet show. Remember, this is a totally free show I offer my clients with any regular performance.

All 60-70 minute (PK,PS,SA) Shows Include:


The adventure begins with a selection of two stickers. The stickers include characters like, Baby Yoda, Batman, Superman, Paw patrol, Jurassic World, Peppa the Pig, Spider man, Mickey Mouse and hundreds more, something for every child’s taste.

Theatrical Story Telling

After the stickers, the children will be engaged in a theatrical style story that will teach them the importance of acceptance for every person no matter what their race or gender. They will only get their magic powers once they promise to use their magic for good and to help their fellow class mates if they are sad or hurt.

Comedy Routine (The search for my treasure chest)

After the most exciting story, the children will witness the funniest stationary comedy routine ever performed. During this routine, I look for my treasure chest in a bag full of funny things, like old socks etc…guaranteed to have them laughing with delight.

Fully Interactive Educational Magic Show

After the comedy routine, the children will be engaged in the greatest magic adventure they will ever see. It will teach them the importance of saying Please and Thank you while using the sign language skills I will teach them! The children will also learn Chinese and personal responsibility during the course of the show. They will also perform a money trick where the children will learn math and counting skills. Best of all the children will receive very generous gifts after every trick they perform and every child participates in the show.

Freeze Dance

After the magic routine the children will participate in freeze Dance (no one gets out) which will be sure to burn up any energy left in them before I go. The Freeze dance will promote physical activity as well as reinforce their listening skills. Very Generous Prizes will be awarded to each and every child and no one ever gets out. In addition to all this, I also have the greatest collection of songs ever collected, so every child will have the time of their lives.


The costs for this amazing and super fun, educational adventure is only:

  • $500.00 for up 100 children
  • More than 100 children, it is $2.00 extra per child!

If you want to separate the school age from the preschool or split your groups because of high numbers, I will include a whole new 1 hour show for a flat fee of $75.00 extra – no matter how many kids are present.

I have more than 30 years experience and it will be the most awesome show the kids will ever see. No entertainer is better or more generous for your money, I promise 99% of your campers will say this is the best day ever! If interested, feel free to contact me anytime day or night.