100 percent happiness guaranteed, or you don’t pay!

I promise that I will keep your kids engaged and spellbound the whole time, leaving you free to party with your grown-up friends. My show includes everything from theatrical storytelling to all the goodie bags as well as unlimited tattoos, DJ dancing and of course a fully interactive, all kids participate, magic show.  You also do not need any filler activity when you hire me, so no need to buy art projects or coloring activities. My show also adapts to ANY THEME you have planned from Disney’s Moana to Paw Patrol, Shopkins to Pokemon and of course, Pirate, Mermaid, and Princess themes.  I was voted Number One children’s entertainer for four consecutive years: Book me and see why!  I am so good at what I do that your happiness is 100 percent guaranteed or you won’t pay. See below for more detailed info and what is included. Don’t forget to Check out my Yelp reviews, they speak for themselves. Call or Text me for more info!  Captain Silly Bones 240-401-7414 Book a December or January show before December 20th and take $125.00 off the total cost. It is like having a birthday at Disney World, for a McDonald’s party price!

Land Lovers Behold

The greatest adventure in Pirate Princess Parties is here!

Pirate Magic is so much more than a fully interactive, Top Notch Magic Show – it is several different types of entertainment in one complete and awesome package!  All these activities are included in your show:
DJ Freeze Dance party (featuring songs like How Far I’ll Go, Can’t Stop the feeling, I Like to Move It, Move It and so much more) I promise, every child and adult will be dancing up a storm.
Comedy Act (that will leave both kids and adults laughing)
Fully Interactive Magic Show (All kids Participate)  The magic word, that makes every trick work, is “please”!  So when I am done my show the kids will be saying please to ask for things all the time! Plus the birthday child will use their Magic treasure, I give them and explain in the story, to give all their friends magic wishing powers!
Temporary Tattoo Station (Over 500 designs to choose from, ranging from Dinosaurs to Shopkins, Pokemon and even Star Wars) Also there is no lines, so every child will be occupied and not waiting around with nothing to do; Unlike Face Painters or Balloon Twisters!
Broadway Style Storytelling,
Opera Singing, and a Treasure Hunt.  I act out the characters voices during my story, just like a Broadway play, the kids are entranced the whole time. I also sing Happy Birthday Song in my Opera voice when it is time for cake! The kids get a Kick out of this! The treasure hunt is structured and contained to one room, all the kids get an equal share of the goodies and there is never any fighting or hoarding of the treasure!
All goodie bags included! That’s  right, It also includes gender-specific goodie bags for every child (two different types of Princess bags or two types of Pirate bags) and the kids get to choose their own style! The Birthday child will also get to choose a special “Licensed Character” goodie bag including My Little Pony to  Mine Craft or even a Star Wars goodie bag! Cheap Simple goodie bags for twenty kids would cost you upwards of $40.00 alone say $2.00 a child, that is a skimpy bag.  I include Super awesome ones in my show full of tattoos, bouncy balls, numerous toys and so on. How do I keep it cost effective for me and pass down the savings to you, it is simple. For I buy my supplies in super bulk quantities, which makes my overhead cheaper than if you were to buy retail! 

Pirate Magic is the perfect activity for all occasions! Boys and Girls of all ages will be entertained, everyone will be happy, guaranteed or you won’t pay!  That is my promise to you!

 Best of all, My twenty plus years of experience and BS in Child Psychology promises super happy children and not one bored child, or it is free; you have nothing to lose! I can make even the most shy birthday children come out of their shell and shine! 


Call Marc Schack (aka Captain Silly Bones)
The Adventure Awaits….
email: Piratemagic@netzero.net