100 percent beyond happiness guaranteed: Or you don’t pay!

Why settle for some super expensive and Mundane Abra Cadabra Magic Show, Give your children Pirate Magic and I promise a fully interactive, super affordable, hi-energy adventure like no other. All the children participate and do the magic not just sit and watch like other magicians!   If you are not blown away by my performance, your show is 100 percent free! All Magical Adventures include
1. A Fully Interactive Five Star Magic Show (all the kids participate and get gifts after every trick they do)
2. Unlimited Tattoos (500 choices)

3. All the Goodie Bags (4 different styles). 
4. Professional Storytelling
5. Opera Singing
6.Treasure Hunt
7. DJ Dance Party
Pirate Magic also adapts to ANY THEME you have planned from Rainbow Unicorns to Pokemon and of course, Pirate, Mermaid, and Princess themes. Book any Birthday show between September and December 2019 and take $120.00 off the total cost  (click here) for full pricing disclosure and what is included.  Don’t forget to check out my Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews, just search “Pirate Magic” or click links.  To see video examples of my show in action, please click here.  Contact Pirate Magic and have the best in kids entertainment
Pirate Magic “Delivering Super Happiness, Awesome Adventure and Endless smiles for 28 years and counting!”



Call/Text Marc Schack (aka Captain Silly Bones)
The Adventure Awaits
email: Piratemagic@netzero.net