Birthday Party Magic Shows

Happiness 100% Guaranteed, or you don’t pay!

All 120 Minute birthday adventures include:

Tattoos & Music

In addition to the cool music, I have a wonderful variety of tattoos, over 500 different choices, from Batman to Frozen, Pokémon to Mine-craft, Pirates to Dinosaurs, Paw Patrol to Rainbow Unicorns and even LOL plus many more! The great thing about my tattoos, that you don’t get with balloon twisters or face painters, is the children will not have to wait in line at all! Click here to see an example.

Theatrical Story Telling

After the tattoos, the story begins. The storytelling is truly awesome and acted out by me. I am a professional storyteller and include this service in my show. The story adapts to the age group and theme of the birthday. This will set the mood for what comes next and introduce the children to Pirate Magic.

Comedy Routine (The search for my treasure chest)

After the awesome storytelling, the children and I will search for a treasure chest (a stationary comedy routine) which contains a magic gold coin, the pirates’ treasure, which is an exact replica of a Spanish doubloon! And for the princess or mermaid, it’s a beautiful Ring! They will learn about these magical treasures during the course of the story. The magic treasure is the “Magic Wand” and your child will use it to do all the magic. Wait until you see their faces when I let them keep it! A picture-perfect moment!

Fully Interactive Educational Magic Show

The birthday child will then use their magical treasure to make the gifts appear from nowhere right in front of their friends eyes! The first of many gifts will guarantee that every child will get the power to participate in the magic show and not just watch. Your child makes this all possible and will be the envy of their friends. They will be talking about their amazing adventure for weeks!

Freeze Dance/Limbo

The Magic Show is followed by a super fun freeze dance or Ninja Limbo contest to today’s hit songs kids love. No child ever gets out and every child wins really cool prizes. I promise the parents and kids always love the music I offer and will have parents and kids dancing like at a family friendly dance club. Click here for example.

Treasure Hunt (Goodie Bags)

After the freeze dance or Limbo, there is the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt is very structured and contained to one room. It will not only teach the children patience but also personal responsibility in a fun and non-lecturing way! The kids will also have goodie bags that I provide to collect the treasure. There are 4 different styles of bags for the kids to choose from.

Cake & Food Time – Last 30 Minutes

Wait and see the children’s faces when I sing the birthday song in my Opera Voice. Also, there is really cool party music as the kids sit to eat like “Can’t stop the feeling”, “Gummy Bear, “Cake By the Ocean” and many others. The kids will also use this time to explore their fully loaded goodie bags. I will also send you an exact time breakdown of the whole program to help with your planning! Click Here for an example of an 11-1 or a 3-5 pm show,  my normal showtimes. Please note that I can also change start times to adapt to specific situations. For example 10-12, 10:30-12:30 and so on.

A Few Days Later

In addition to all this, a few days after the party, the birthday child, and siblings (if any) will receive very generous gifts in the mail with a personal letter addressed to the birthday child thanking them for having me.


$425.00 for up to 20 children ($3.00 each additional child)
I do not rush out after any performance! I will even organize the children so we can take group photos and so on! No one can beat this deal. Remember all goodie bags are included as well as unlimited tattoos (No long boring lines like Face Painters or Balloon Twisters).
The Birthday Child will also receive an awesome gift bag upon my arrival full of cool toys and even a magic trick to show their friends.
Happiness Guaranteed or you don’t pay!

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