Thank you for your comments and your business!

Please note these are only some of the Hundreds of comments I got, please ask and I will send you some others complete with the age of the child, type of party (Pirate or Mermaid) and contact numbers!

Captain Silly Bones, YOU ROCK! Thanks for making Debbie’s party a great hit, she still talks about the mermaids and her magic ring.We will see you next year so we can hear part two of the story, she can’t wait. (To tell you the truth, neither can I) Thanks again.
– Pattie and Debbie
(No pattie, You rock!, Cpt S.B)

My God!! Whoever reads this, know one thing, Silly Bones is the man!!
– Kathy P
(Thanks Kathy, I am Blushing – Marc)

Arrrrgh!!! Captain Silly Bones, I have never seen my kids so happy, you are truly talented, great stories! Thanks for the extra gift bag and everything else.
– Michelle and Sons
(Anytime Michelle, see you next year for part two!! Cpt. Silly Bones)

I think that Captains Silly Bones show illustrates wholesome entertainment at its finest!! Kids were spellbound during the story telling and fully engaged by the interactive magic show. I know I wasn’t the only adult on the dance floor either!! It was a blast!! No doubt about it, you get everything you are promised and then some. Captain Silly Bones is awesome with the kids; no matter the age he made sure they all had the time of their lives!!!
– Shaun H.
(Thanks Shaun, the pleasure was all mine.)

Marc, Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday party for my boys Brandon and Brian. Brandon described it best when he said it was “AWESOME”
You had all the boys captivated by your stories, magic tricks, games and music, it was a great time for even me the parent, thank you so much, you were great.
– Brenda C.
(Brenda, you are great. Cpt S.B)

Thanks for the great party! The kids were spellbound during your story and hardly contain themselves during the magic show. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Really, it was delightful. You are very good at this. Thanks for being so great with the kids, particularly.
– Kate
(Kate your son is so cool, he is very lucky to have such a loving family. Cpt. Silly Bones)

Marc, I just wanted to say thank you for showing my son and his friends the best birthday he has ever had. He couldn’t stop talking about your story and how he did the magic. He loves his magic coin and shows all his friends who come over. You have such a way with kids, you are truly talented. Thanks again and God Bless.
– Sincerely, Jena and Dillion. PS He loves his book and didn’t stop reading it for a week at bedtime.
(You are so welcome, Cpt S.B)

Marc, the gift bag you gave Shawn was so nice. How do you afford to give away all those goodies?
– Thanks for everything, Margie
(Your childs happiness is worth more than money Margie, it was my pleasure! Cpt S.B)

Thanks again Marc. Didnt think it could be any better than last year but… WOW you totally outdid yourself. Everyone loved it and the parents loved it just as much if not more than the kids!! they still call and/or talk about all the time. Nathan already said he wants you back next year. Another amazing thing all the parents noticed was that you held all the kids attention for the WHOLE TIME!!! 4 and 5 yr olds WOW. It was great funfilled, exciting and overall the best. You dont ask enough for what you give and do. Please keep it up and continue what you do! We cant wait for the next party to se you again. You’re amazing. Thank you again for another wonderful, memory filled bday for Nathan.
– Thanks Susan and Nathan (use me for a reference)
(I will Susan, Thanks, Cpt S.B)

Dear Marc (aka Captain Silly Bones),
A big THANK YOU to you for donating so much of your time and energy for our annual Family Fun Festival. You are a talented and professional entertainer, and you helped to make our event an extraordinary success!! We hope to do business with you again in the future.
– Best Regards, Bernadeen K. Zivkovic Director of Membership and Marketing YMCA Bethesda – Chevy Chase
(Thanks Bernadeen, the YMCA is a great program, Cpt S.B)

Dear Captain Silly Bones, you deliver everything you promised. The faces on Mikes friends when they performed the illusions were priceless. Mike still walks around with his magic coin, he is so proud of it. He also loves the T-Shirt and coloring book you gave him. We will see you next year so we can hear part two of the story, you should write books.
– Thanks for everything, Dorthy M. PS Thank you for the lovely thank you card and the nice gifts inside and thanks for sticking around to help with the pinata, that was above and beyond.
(The pleasure was all mine, Cpt S.B)

Dear Marc, (Captain Silly Bones)
Thanks for coming to Christophers Halloween Party, Your storytelling was amazing. The children were awe struck. I have never seen anything like it. Those stories were so cool. You made the Halloween Party a success, I especially loved the music and sound effects you had with the stories, it made them all the more real.
– Thanks again, Shelly and Chris
(Thanks Shelly, see you and Chris next year, Cpt S.B)