Educational & School Magic Shows

My super fun and educational, anti bullying, sixty-minute show will teach the kids sign language as well as simple Chinese in a super fun and non lecturing way. It will also teach all the kids that we are in this world together, no matter race or gender, and we must act as one big family to make the magic work. The kids will perform all the magic using the sign language skills I teach them and every child will perform the magic together as one big happy family. The children will also learn the importance of saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, as well as fire safety.

Additionally, a full out freeze dance party is included where the kids will dance to awesome songs and perfect their listening skills. Generous goodie bags full of wonderful gifts, that the children obtain from performing all the magic, will be provided to every child. Their goodie bags will include magic rings, play money, fun activity books, play gold, Kosher and allergy free Dum-Dums lollipops and a selection of cool stickers from Paw Patrol to Jurassic World, and everything in between. The cost for this amazing adventure will be $500.00 for up to 100 children and $1.50 per extra child over the 100 count. Best of all, if there are a large number of children present, I can split the show by doing an additional one hour performance at no cost.

If interested, please contact Captain Silly Bones today!
240 401 7414