Religious Holiday Entertainment

Having Purim Parties, Hanukkah Shows or any other Jewish event, then Hire Me, Captain Moshe. My show is awesome and Glatt Kosher!  I teach the kids Hebrew and relate the magic to Jewish traditions. For Hanukkah parties, the kids actually make Magic Dreidels out of Hanukkah Candle fire: For Purim, the children make magical noisemakers (Groggers).

My show is also educational, teaching the children the importance of Mitzvahs, like giving to charity (Tzedakah) and so on. I also reinforce Hebrew words like Please and Thank You as well as Mother, Father and so on. Also included in my Non-Shabbat shows is A Freeze Dance contest to Hebrew Dance Music! Nobody gets “out” and prizes are rewarded to each child. I promise I can make any Jewish celebration a success. Plus the kids get to see a real Jewish Pirate: and they love it!

The Cost of this amazing adventure, which includes Kosher Goodie Bags is only $375 for up to 30 kids, $2.00 each additional child age 3 and older. Each show is a good 60-70 minutes. To inquire, contact Captain Moshe aka Captain Silly Bones today!
240 401 7414