Complete Details about my show and answers to FAQ’s

  100% structured fun (Great Music throughout the course of the party, grownups will be dancing as well) I promise I will keep the kids Happy and Engaged the whole 120 minutes regardless of age and gender: You will be free to party with your grown-up friends!

Happiness Guarantee, if you are not happy with my performance, you won’t pay,  I have also never missed or cancelled a show in 20 plus years, so when you book me, rest easy, I will be there…

Read below for full description of what is included and the time breakdown to help you plan!

$425= for up to 25 children ($2.00 each additional child)  Remember the Birthday child, One Best friend and Siblings (if any) are free, do not include them in the total number of Guests:

The first 90 minutes of your adventure includes:

Unlimited Tattoos: (over 500 choices), why pay $250.00 for some one in a cheap superhero costume posing for pictures or dressed as a princess, you want super heroes and princess to match your theme, I have all the tattoos kids love including, Spider man, Batman, Pokemon,  LOL,  My Little Pony, all the Disney Princess and so many more including Jurassic World and even Mine Craft.

Theatrical Story Telling: Truly awesome, animated and fun as well as exciting!

Comedy Routine: (Super Funny, adults will be cracking up as well)

Opera Singer: I sing the Happy Birthday song as well as sing opera during the magic show, Sometimes my voice may be a little rough depending on how much singing I do that week, but it will still be fun and cool for the kids!

 Fully Interactive Magic Show: All kids participate, and your child is the main star of the show who makes all the magic possible, his or her friends will cheer your child’s name, that’s a promise!  If that’s not enough, wait till you see his or her face when I let them keep the magic treasure they learn about during the story!  I even include the siblings in the magic show, if old enough), They will be able to interact with their favorite TV or Movie Character, a unique experience that only I can deliver! The Fully interactive magic show is followed by

No one gets out) or Freeze Dance ( Depends on time and number of kids) complete with prizes for every child!

Treasure Hunt: Provides either two types of Pirate or two types of Princess goodie bags for the children to choose. The treasure hunt Contains allergy-free candy (No Peanut or Chocolate products) and lots of cool toys kids love, plus the birthday child can choose their own special goodie bags from an assortment of various characters like Anna and Elsa, My Little Pony, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, TMNT, Sponge Bob, Ariel and friends and more!

DJ dance party with Games and giveaways: Awesome music played through the course of the party, kids and adults will be dancing just like a family friendly dance club. I am better and more fun than a professional DJ and it is included in the show!

The last 30 minutes of the 120 minute show: Food and Cake time! Cool music will be played for the remainder of the party!

No deposit required (HAPPINESS GUARANTEE)! Cash or check after the show is preferred. Credit cards are also accepted for a small transaction fee.  If paying by check, make it payable to Marc Shack. Accepting payment after the show is the happiness guarantee, if you’re not happy, you don’t pay!! It is that simple.

MORE INFO BELOW: Including a schedule breakdown of my show to help you plan!

 11-1 and 3-5 are my normal show times!


11-1 show Schedule: I arrive at 10:30, a good 30 minutes before 11:00 to set up, meet the birthday child and help you if needed.  Then from

11:00-11:25 Unlimited Tattoos: No lines, fun and 20 kids can do them at once, this is also the Filler activity and allows all guests a chance to arrive so they do not miss the adventure!
11:25-11:35 Story
11:35-11:40 Comedy routine
11:40-12:10 Magic Show
12:10-12:20 Limbo
12:20-12:35 Treasure Hunt, Freeze Dance…
12:35-1:00 food and cake..

Have parents arrive a little before 12:55 to pick up the children, that way when they are done eating, they go home and you do not have to worry about Children running wild with nothing to do..


I come to you!

I do not supply food, cake or decorations…just the fun, goodie bags, toys, and wonderful memories

$15.00 for an extra birthday child. The $15.00 includes an additional super stuffed gift bag as well as an extra magical treasure:  Also included is a modified story to incorporate the extra birthday child! 

Unfortunately, my snow policy is that if you have to cancel a booked party because of the weather, I can not reschedule, unless I happen to be free on the following weekend, but it is not likely due to my popularity. Please keep this in mind. I will drive in bad weather, no problem, but the children’s safety is my top priority, so if you have to cancel, do not worry, I will still send your child a nice gift in the mail, free of charge…

I charge a small service fee of $25.00 for any party located 40 miles or more from my address and then it is only a $1.00 per mile over the 40 count…

During summer venues there is a service charge of $20.00 for being outdoors, unless there is some sort of shade from the sun for the kids and I.. Reasons for fee: Costume gets hot, my show is very high energy, I am always moving and can easily overheat, ; the sun and heat can also be unpleasant for the kids as well)..!!

No video taping during the story part only, the rest of the show makes for great memories, so record away!!

Want to save money? Please Scroll down for helpful info!

How to Save Money: No need to buy bandannas, or eye patches, they never go over well and you will be wasting your money and have tons of leftovers, trust me on this, the children do not care and you can save $15.00 there alone! They will get plenty of giveaways with me anyway. No swords of any kind are recommended. For they promote violence and are a distraction. No need to supplement their goodie bags, I provide the children with everything they love, save your money. No need to buy a Piñata, the kids will get plenty of stuff from me. If you have a piñata or you can’t talk your child out of it, no problem, I will help you out with setting it up, running it and keeping the kids safe.

If there is any other questions, Please e-mail me @ ( or call
Captain Silly Bones 240 401 7414 anytime!

You will not be sorry; I promise you the best and most generous show you will ever see!


Alissa Eaton

Hi! Interested in having you do a 40 year old party on May 20, 2023 in Montgomery village, maryland.


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