Why I am the Best Value around, read and be amazed!

I do everything you could possibly want in a children’s show. Best of all, I offer all these services in one super awesome and beautifully priced master piece of fun saving you over $400.00 if you got these services separately.  I am also the only magician that guarantees your happiness 100 percent or you won’t pay. All 90 minute shows include:

Professional Story-Telling  – Included in my show!

The Average cost from other professional story-tellers a la carte: $150.00 an hour

Kids’ DJIncluded in my show.

The average cost for kids’ DJ: $250.00 an hour

Fully Interactive Professional Magic ShowIncluded in my show.

The average cost a la carte: $300.00

Temporary Tattoo Artist – Pokemon to Encanto, Frozen to Mine-Craft and hundreds more! Included in my show and no lines.

The average cost a la carte: $150.00

Gender-Specific Goodie Bags 4 styles to choose from: included in my show!

Average cost (for 25 kids) a la carte: $75.00 with only one type of bag.

Purchased separately, all these things would cost you upwards of $925.00, with no guarantee you would like them.

I offer everything in one complete package for $425.00…and guarantee you will love it or it is free!
Ready to book, simply call, text or write to Captain Silly Bones of Pirate Magic.
(240) 401 7414