Why I am the Best Value around, read and be amazed!

Hello! Why choose me to perform for your child’s birthday or any other event where you need children entertained, occupied and engaged for more than an hour? It is simple: I do everything you could possibly want for children’s entertainment. Best of all, I offer all these services in one awesome package, for a super low price.

Professional Story-Telling  – Included in my show!

Average cost from other professional story-teller a la carte: $150.00 an hour

Kids’ DJIncluded in my show.

Average cost for a kids’ DJ a la carte: $250.00 an hour

Professional Magic ShowIncluded in my show.

Average cost a la carte: $300.00

Temporary Tattoo ArtistIncluded in my show.

Average cost a la carte: $150.00

Balloon sculptors and face painters offer limited selection and long lines, adding up to a waste of money! Tattoos are better: there are no lines, and over 500 choices including multiple super heroes, My Little Pony, and so on. And they’re included in my show!

Gender-Specific Goodie Bags: 

Average cost (for 25 kids) a la carte: $35.00–65.00 (for good ones)

Awesome ones, included in my show!

Purchased separately, all these things would cost you $1500.00, with no guarantee you would like them.

I offer everything in one package for $450.00…


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