I was the first!

A lot of other magicians offer Satisfaction Guaranteed on their websites now, but I was the first and only to offer Happiness Guaranteed! Why is Happiness better than satisfaction? Well anybody can be satisfied with something, but isn’t it better to be happy with it instead? This is my promise to you future clients, I promise you will be beyond happy with my show. Not only you but every single child as well. In fact, I guarantee it or you won’t pay!
           How does the guarantee work, well, I do not take any deposit, you pay me after the show is over and only if you are beyond happy with my show. If you’re not happy, you do not need to pay and your show is free. Please keep in mind, this has never happened once in my 24 plus years of entertaining, the kids and parents are always happy. That is why I am so confident that my show is the best and I deliver everything I promise.

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