Educational Entertainment (Day Care, School Programs and More)

Give your children something to look forward to by hiring Pirate Magic! I make any summer camp, school assembly or any other event a super fun and educational time. Pirate Magic offers meticulously planned educational entertainment for kids that will not only entertain them, but it will also help them exercise their minds as well as their bodies. The best part is they will learn super important life skills.

I teach many things including, but not limited to, the art of sign language, how to say basic Chinese and Hebrew words and relevant fire safety procedures, such as stop, drop and roll (depends on age). Also, I will work with your children on the importance of utilizing proper manners and etiquette, like the importance of saying please and thank you as well as using “may I”  instead of “can I” when asking permission to do something. When my show is over, they will use these words all the time. I also teach them about the importance of personal responsibility. For example, I give all the kids goody bags and then teach them how to take care of all the new-found treasures they’ve received from my show.     

The children in my care also learn about the value of quality listening skills –albeit in fun and imaginative ways! More specifically, all my shows include freeze dance. Freeze Dance is not only super fun, for I have great music the kids will love, but it also provides them with great exercise. Also, listening is paramount if you want to have success with this game. Prizes for every child will be given to all the kids. 

I have been providing educational entertainment for children for over two decades at parties, schools, camps and other events. Please note, my business has years of experience in working with special needs children, so you need not worry if your campers, and so on, require special accommodations.

To learn more about the benefits of my educational program for children, or to sign up your school or daycare for what will surely be an unforgettable experience, please contact Pirate Magic today. Also to know me a little better, please visit my bio link.