Month: October 2017

Price Info, What you get for your money!

Your Fully Structured Magical Adventure includes: 1. Unlimited Tattoos: Over 400 choices from Pokémon, PJ Masks, to Rainbow Unicorns and Moana! (Filler Activity) Broadway Style Story Telling (Stage Quality) Super Funny Comedy Routine Forty-Five-minute ultra-professional and fully engaging magic production show (all kids participate) Freeze Dance or Ninja Limbo Treasure Hunt (contained to one room/… Read more »

Why hire a Pirate Magician for a Princess theme party?

Why would you hire a Pirate for a Princess theme party? It is simple, not only do I have over 100 different types of tattoos, Including Every Disney Princess, My Little Pony, Rainbow Unicorns,  Moana, Butterflies, Frozen and More, but I also give your child a magic treasure that allows them, and all their friends,… Read more »

You will be free to party with your grown up friends!

I promise, My show is so good, that all the children, no matter the age or gender, will be with me for a full 90 minutes. Imagine having a birthday for your kids where you can be free to entertain your adult guests, and rest easy knowing your children and their friends will be beyond… Read more »