Why hire me over others?

Looking for a children’s magician in Germantown MD, look no further. Not only is my show super affordable, but it also combines all the greatest parts of any birthday entertainment you could possibly want with no waiting in lines or any idle moments.  My 90-minute show includes a super funny comedy routine, that both kids and adults will be laughing out loud. DJ style dancing and games to the best music around. It also includes a full out, all kids participate, 5-star magic show with mind blowing illusions, all the goodie bags (five different choices to choose from) a full treasure hunt and loads of super generous giveaways. Also included is unlimited temporary tattoos (from Mine-Craft and Pokémon, too all the Disney princess and even Rainbow Unicorns). It is a completely structured, unique, and all-inclusive adventure.  The kids are kept busy from the moment I arrive to when I leave. It will be the greatest show you or the kids will ever see or it will be free. That’s right, If you are not happy, you will not pay. I never take deposits, so you have nothing to lose. You will hear the words “this is the greatest party ever” at least once usually in the first five minutes.

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