Helpful Tips when planning a party with no hired entertainment

Rule #1 Short is Sweet, do not plan a long party without activities to back it up, for this is where kids will run wild with nothing to do! Rule #2 Do not spend hundreds of dollars on a children’s party where the guests are 3 and under, save your money till the child is four or older, do you remember your 3rd birthday? Do something special with just the family, Pizza and movie night works: …. Rule #3 Do not give the children swords etc, for they promote violence and hyper activity, and I have seen even foam swords hurt kids.. Rule #4 Do the candle lighting first before food is served, get the ceremony out of the way, this way, when they blow the candles out, take the cake away, and serve the food. As soon as most kids are done eating, you can give them the cake already cut up on plates and not rush through, plus it will keep them at the table… Here are some ideas to fill an hour easily, you can do all these activities on your own and I promise the kids will have so much fun!
Tattoos (20 min)
(follow link) This site has plenty of affordable choices. Simply wet some napkins or paper towels, cut the tattoos out and place on the table. Have the kids choose their favorite ones (directions on how to apply the tattoos are on the package) I usually wet the tattoos for a good 30 seconds, the ABC song if perfect timing to make the tattoos stick.
Limbo (10 min):
just use a broomstick or cut some bamboo. Download the Limbo song, they have three different fun versions. Have the kids go under anyway they want, even crawling on their bellies, it is more fun and easier than the traditional version. Note, never get the kids out!
Art Activities:
(Time varies, but you can make it last as long as you want)  Simply have the kids come to a table with crayons, markers etc and color some pictures of the theme of your choice. Just click this link and print them for free. They have everything from Pokemon, to Frozen.
Freeze dance: (10-20 min)
Play your favorite songs and pause them to make the kids freeze. Never get the kids out! This also promotes exercise and you can play songs to match any party theme.
Movies and Pizza (90 minutes)
Play a kids friendly movie, serve them pizza and popcorn and show off your cool entertainment system. Even though it is just a movie, the birthday child will love watching a good flick with all their friends, I know i enjoy this with my grown up friends.
If you need any more ideas, simply send me an email i will do my best to give you more activities!
E-mail:  Put “Party ideas” in the subject line!