Having Face Painters, Balloon Twisters

If you insist on having Balloon Twisters or Face Painters, please keep this in mind. There are always lines and the kids have to wait. It is best to have an art activity in conjunction with these type of entertainers. I recommend an art activity of some kind. It is cheap and you can find everything, for any theme, online. These websites have no minimum charge, so you can buy in small quantities. Follow these links.

 So while the kids are doing the art projects, coloring pages, and so on, the kids will be kept busy, till it’s their turn to get a balloon or their Face painted.

You can save some good money by hiring me, and I will make sure the kids are fully engaged for a good 90 minutes. My tattoos have no lines, are super fun, and even parents get in on the fun. Two year old’s to fifteen year old’s love my selection and they are loads of fun to apply. My show also includes Magic, Music, Dancing, Games and adventure all in one.
If having a Magic Show (not me) in conjunction to Balloons and Face Painters, do not plan them at the same time, for the kids will miss the magic as they are getting painted etc and that is just Silly..here are some useful ideas.. 
 Art Project with Face Painter/Balloon Maker (Gives all the kids a chance to arrive, some do art, some get painted or balloons then kids switch places, you can make a whole party out of this alone). Some clowns do face painting or balloons in conjunction to the magic, so still have an art activity to keep the kids busy while they are waiting. Always provide something for the kids to be kept busy, when kids are bored, rambunctious activities may occur.
 Magic Show (most magicians are only 45 minutes tops) So plan a filler activity till all the guests arrive, like an art project etc..use these ideas to fill time until all guests arrive. Then plan on the magic show..for example having a 11-1 party..
11-11:30 Art Project (allows all guests a chance to arrive)
11:30-12:15 Magic Show
12:15-12:30 Pizza/Food (Ask for a special, most Pizza Places want your business, so just ask and they will hook you up)
12:30-12:45 Cake, Ice Cream etc
12:45-1:00 Presents
I hope this info helps, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some more ideas..
E-Mail: Piratemagic@netzero.net