What makes my show so special and different from others?

My show combines all the greatest parts of any birthday entertainment you could want, from Magical Comedy to Dancing. It is a completely structured, unique and all-inclusive adventure. The adventure begins with tattoos (over 300 choices and no lines) This covers all the kid’s tastes, from Moana to Pokemon.   I then engage the children in a Theatrical Story Telling adventure. The storytelling is Broadway-style. I act out the characters in the story to bring the show to life. The children’s attention goes into the stories I tell, just like a movie would do. This is followed by a fully interactive, all kids participate, 45-minute magic show. During the course of the magic show, the children make and receive magical gifts for every illusion they perform. The children do the magic all by themselves. Every Child participates, instead of just watch like other shows. It is like every child gets to volunteer. They actually believe they are doing the magic themselves.  The whole magic show is full of Positive Reinforcement. After the magic show, there is the freeze dance or the Limbo part of the show. No child gets out during these activities and every child is a winner. They all receive presents.  The freeze dance also burns up all the remaining energy they have, equivalent if not more than a mundane and super expensive “Bounce House Party”.  The freeze dance is followed by a 100 percent fully structured Treasure Hunt. The treasure hunt contains hundreds of different toys the children can find and it is contained to one room. After this, it is food and cake time, the last 30 minutes of the show. The children sit down to eat, they are relaxed after all the activities and I tell them they can trade the treasure they found amongst each other, to promote trade and sharing. They are content and happy during the food and cake time. I promise my show will deliver an adventure like no other. Remember if you are not happy, you will not pay.  

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