What makes my show so special and different from others?

My show combines all the greatest parts of any birthday entertainment you could want. It is a completely structured and unique adventure. I can captivate children of any age. I do this by offering so many giveaways as rewards for them doing the magic. For example, after each magic trick they do, the children get special gifts. I tell them about these gifts before each trick to build the anticipation. Then the children, all of them, use their magic Powers, (they obtained from the birthday child) to make the magic work and produce their presents. They actually believe they did this themselves, using their special power rings. The children will be with me the whole time because they want the gifts I promise them. Positive reinforcement. Besides the magic, I also have tattoos as the filler activity, this gives all the guests a chance to arrive so no one misses the Story Telling and Magic Show.Plus i do not use a magic wand, so cliche, I give the birthday child magical presents that they use it to manipulate all the illusions. The treasure will produce the gifts for all their friends, including their magic power rings so every-child can participate.

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