Direct E-mails from Happy Clients after my show.

Dear Marc,

Thanks so much for a wonderful party last weekend. Chloé, Lucie, and many of Chloé’s friends are still talking about it! : )  Thanks also for the thoughtful follow up gifts in the mail.

We will definitely recommend you to any friends looking to hire someone for a party. Have a great weekend!

Sophie and family

Hi Marc

Just wanted to say a big Thank You! for such a wonderful show… Everyone enjoyed it. Many of the parents asked for your contact and I have referred them. Now all the kids who came home yesterday want to celebrate their birthday just like Sreedhav’s….


Seetha n Jay…..

Dear Marc/ Moshe 
thank you so much for an unforgettable birthday party !!
Royi was so happy and his friends had a great time too. 
We loved your show it was so funny!! and the Jewish twist completely bought the audience!! 
Toda raba raba and Shana tova from all of us.. 
Karin , Snir , Royi and Assaf

Hi Marc (Captain Silly Bones),

I just wanted to thank you for the great performance at Isla and Elin’s birthday party.  You kept an age range of 2 to 40 entertained and that in and among itself is amazing!  The girls were telling us the “potty” vs party story the following day and were cracking up!  I appreciate that you showed up a half an hour before the party began to meet my girls and set up.  They were full of questions and you answered each one so patiently.  They also loved getting a letter from you in the mail a few days later.  The parents that stayed for the party were also very impressed.  

Thanks again!


Dear Marc,
Thank you so very much for a wonderful 5th birthday party!  Kai was thrilled and had so much fun.  The joy that all of the kids experienced was clear on their faces as they sat, enthralled, watching you the entire show, and by their comments after the show – they couldn’t stop talking about how much they loved you!  We were so impressed by your talent and your ability to keep all of the children entertained the entire time. And the adults loved it, too!  We received several notes from parents saying how much they loved the party and how impressed they were with you. We could not be happier with your involvement.  Thank you so much for making Kai feel special and so very happy, and for making his birthday party a complete success!
On a personal note, I would also like to thank you for myself. While of course this day was about Kai, behind the scenes it was also a very important birthday for me. When Kai was born I was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma and my doctor estimated that I would have 6 months to be with my son. I spent 4 months of his first year of life in the hospital and through all of the very difficult treatments, I kept a picture of being there to celebrate his birthdays with him in my mind. I pictured every birthday up to his 5th (because 5-year survival is so important and I had only a 14% chance of making it until Kai turned 5).  And the happiness and celebration of his life that I held in my heart was exactly what you delivered on Sunday. To see the joy on his face while you were performing was literally a dream come true. Of course you couldn’t have known, but this was an extra special birthday for all of us and, thanks to you, all of our hearts were filled with happiness, joy, and pure celebration.
Thank you so much!  You are a wonderful performer and I wish you the best in all you do, which may even be more meaningful than you realize.

Hello Mr. Schack,
 I hope you are having a great week. I just wanted to personally send you a HUGE THANK YOU for doing the children’s party on Sunday. Their class is STILL talking about the party. Aiden walked into school on Monday to children saying “that was the best birthday party EVER!”  He said that everyone who was at the party talked about it during “share time” as well. The children enjoyed you ANNDDD the parents enjoyed you as well! You truly have a God given talent to be able to connect and entertain with the children so well. You also have soo much patience!!! You did better with the busy-bodies than I would do any day!  I just wanted to let you know that you talents and gifts are appreciated. It was truly a pleasure working with you up to and on the date of the event. Who knows…you may have to come back next year as the kids have been talking about the ruby ring and gold coin wishes for next year–lol!
Thank you again and take care!
Kind Regards,