Price Info, What you get for your money!

Your Fully Structured Magical Adventure includes:

1. Unlimited Tattoos: Over 400 choices from Pokémon, PJ Masks, to Rainbow Unicorns and Moana! (Filler Activity)

  1. Broadway Style Story Telling (Stage Quality)
  2. Super Funny Comedy Routine
  3. Forty-Five-minute ultra-professional and fully engaging magic production show (all kids participate)
  4. Freeze Dance or Ninja Limbo
  5. Treasure Hunt (contained to one room/ area)
  6. All the Goodie Bags (normally 5 different types)
  7. DJ Games with Great Music and Prizes with the best hit songs that will get kids and parents dancing like they are in an awesome family friendly dance club. Better and more fun than a professional DJ and it is included at no extra cost.

Also included with this super awesome deal is a really cool gift bag for the Birthday Child with hand-selected gifts including their own personal magic trick they can take to school and show their friends ($7.00 value)

Total Cost:

$400 = for up to 25 children ($2.00 each additional child)  Remember the Birthday child,  Siblings  and children under 2 years old (if any) are free, do not include them in total number of Guests:



Carol palm

Hi I’m interested in a magic show for my kid birthday party he’s turning 6, the party will be on December 10th. Please Let me know if you are free that day thanks!

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