Price Info, What you get for your money!

Normally it would cost $450= for up to 20 children ($2.00 each additional child), but with the $85.00 off (Post Holiday Special), the new cost is only $365.00! You will not find a better deal anywhere, I guarantee it!

What you get for this super awesome price:

A fully structured, 120 Minute adventure, which Includes: An awesome gift bag for the Birthday Child, Unlimited Tattoos for every child, Theatrical Storytelling, Super Funny Comedy Routine, Fully Interactive Magic Show (all the kids perform the magic, not just watch like other shows and of course your child is the star that makes it all possible), Freeze dance (will burn up same amount of energy as a bounce party, but 100 times more fun), A Treasure Hunt and all the Goodie Bags: Two types of Pirate or two types of Princess (the kids choose their favorite)!
 Remember the Birthday Child, any Cousins, and Siblings (if any) are free, do not include them in the total number of Guests:

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