No filler activity needed

I get there a good 30 minutes before the scheduled party time to meet the birthday child, present them with their awesome gift bag and get to know your child before the adventure starts.(Click Here for example of Time breakdown for normal shows usually from 11-1 or 3-5pm) Getting there early also allows me to help you set up and for logistic reasons. It also allows me some one on one time to get to know your child and make sure they are comfortable with me. I also set up my tattoos and give the birthday child and any siblings a chance to get an early start. The tattoos are 100 times better than any face painter. I have many selections from Pokémon to My Little Pony. There are also no lines when the guests arrive, they are instantly engaged as soon as they come in. They apply the tattoos on their own, promoting independence. Parents can even get tattoos with their kids and have a little bonding time. The tattoos are the filler activity. This is done for a good 25 minutes after the scheduled start time so all the guests have a chance to arrive and not miss out on the awesome adventure that will follow. Hire me and you will not need to plan any other activities. I do it all. The kids will be engaged form the very first second they come in. Imagine just kicking back and not worrying about giving the kids something to do while waiting for all the guests to arrive. This will also save you money, for you will not need to buy coloring activities or art projects.  Oh yes, I got the loot bags covered as well, saving you even more! When you hire a face painter or Balloon artist, there are long lines and the kids have to wait for their turn. With my tattoos, there are no lines. Why would you pay $250.00 dollars or more for the guests to be bored waiting in line? My tattoos are included in the already awesome price.