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“This is the best party Ever”

I guarantee you will hear “This is the best party ever”  at least once from one of your guests. If you do not hear this phrase, your show will be free! I hear it from at least one kid at every show I perform. I know this is a very bold promise from me, but… Read more »

Price Info, What you get for your money!

Your Fully Structured Magical Adventure includes: 1. Unlimited Tattoos: Over 400 choices from Pokémon, PJ Masks, to Rainbow Unicorns and Moana! (Filler Activity) Broadway Style Story Telling (Stage Quality) Super Funny Comedy Routine Forty-Five-minute ultra-professional and fully engaging magic production show (all kids participate) Freeze Dance or Ninja Limbo Treasure Hunt (contained to one room/… Read more »

Why hire a Pirate Magician for a Princess theme party?

Why would you hire a Pirate for a Princess theme party? It is simple, not only do I have over 100 different types of tattoos, Including Every Disney Princess, My Little Pony, Rainbow Unicorns,  Moana, Butterflies, Frozen and More, but I also give your child a magic treasure that allows them, and all their friends,… Read more »

You will be free to party with your grown up friends!

I promise, My show is so good, that all the children, no matter the age or gender, will be with me for a full 90 minutes. Imagine having a birthday for your kids where you can be free to entertain your adult guests, and rest easy knowing your children and their friends will be beyond… Read more »

Educational Magical Entertainment!

Looking for an educational show for your school, daycare and so on, then look no further. Click this link and see why I am a perfect choice. Why spend 400 plus dollars on some lame reptile show or silly science experiments. Not only is my show less expensive, but the educational aspect I include can’t be… Read more »

I was the first!

A lot of other magicians offer Happiness Guaranteed on their websites now  (after looking at my website), but I was the first and only to offer this. Other magicians guarantees are vague, mine is not.  My Happiness Guarantee, or your party is free, not only includes you the parents, but every single child in attendance… Read more »

Complete Details about my show and answers to FAQ’s

  100% structured fun: I promise I will keep the kids beyond happy and engaged the whole 120 minutes regardless of age and gender: You will be free to party with your grown-up friends! No one is better or more generous.  I offer not only all the goodie bags , but so many structured activities… Read more »

Why I am the best deal for any Summer Camp program!

My show is so much fun, that the kids actually get sad when I leave. All the kids get goodie bags to hold their treasure. I start with a wide selection of tattoos for every child to choose from. They get two to take home. Then it is an awesome story, Full magic Show, and… Read more »

Time breakdown for my show!

These are my normal show times, but I can change it to any start time you require, if you book early enough! 11:00-1:00 Scheduled Party  I arrive a good 30 minutes before 11:00 to set up, meet the birthday child and help you if needed,  Then 11:00-11:25 Tattoos 11:25-11:30 Story 11;30-11:35 Comedy routine 11:35-12:10 Magic… Read more »